Calendar events disappeared from taskbar in Windows 11 insider build

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I am on the following windows build:

Edition Windows 11 Home Single Language
Version 21H2
Installed on ‎24/‎07/‎2021
OS build 22000.100
Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 421.18901.0.3


In Windows 10, the taskbar calendar used to show events of the day. That has disappeared in Windows 11. Is there a way to enable this?

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That isn't the issue. The issue is now we cant click on the dates and quickly view or add to our calendars using the task bar calendar... no one has the issue of not knowing how to view a specific month
It's crazy because it's not even a bug, just a good feature being removed. Please MS bring it back asap !

I downgraded my windows back to 10, if Windows wants people to use Win11 this type life improving things shouldn't go away

I don't have a problem. I just clicked the up arrow and now the whole month pops up. With the notifications on top, like it was in Win 10.

That isn't the issue- I think you're confused about what everyone is saying lol @Debbie_Faddis625 

Yeah, she is. It's not that we don't know how to expand the calendar on the taskbar, it's the fact that we can't see or create events on the calendar from the taskbar calendar! I thought I was the only one having this issue with my calendar! I'm so glad it's not a me issue, but a windows 11 os downgrade.

Same problem here, so frustrating even I regret the update to Windows11, all my meetings events disappear and I had to use the calendar widget, i hope that Windows team will fix this issue in the upcoming update the soonest


Click on the Start menu and type calendar.  Open the Calendar menu. Pin it to your taskbar.

Hope this helps.

Same! It's non-sense to sync all work, school and personal events to one account, that doesn't make sense! Microsoft having built-in Mail and Calendar, AND an additional Outlook app is already very dumb. Please don't have us use a 3rd app (the Edge in this case) just to sort out our calendar events. 

Plus that Widgets thing, with news and stuff, is distracting! Even tho I don't mind opening Edge, but can't we just have something that pops up, simply showing the calendar events and the calendar, convenient and simple, that's it! Don't try to draw our attention by forcing a bunch of feeds into our eyes. I would rather spend the storage space and my attention on something I like!

Please give us easier ways to downgrade to Windows10, or fix the calendar pls! 

I was able to find the widget but not able to add the google calendar, which is what I was using to my widgets.

@tokgrumps Correct, yet it feels senseless to open the newsfeed with gadgets to see my occasions. The taskbar schedule on the taskbar now has no capacity with the exception of letting you know the time and date. It shows you the month and the date, and you can tap on one more day (a circle shows up around that date) however you can do nothing with it. It is so disappointing I can't comprehend the reason why they would do this other than compel you to a (nearly) pointless schedule gadget over the newsfeed.

If it's not too much trouble, fix this we ought to have the decision of not utilizing the gadget schedule. Update Windows 10 taskbar schedule to a Windows 11 rendition.

I agree completely. This WIN11 version is a POS. Put it back in a usable state like it was in WIN10. For pete's sake.

Thanks for this suggestion, it worked and all of my calendar events are there!

Same issue here, so baffling even I lament the update to Windows11, every one of my gatherings occasions vanishes and I needed to utilize the scheduled gadget, I trust that Windows group will fix this issue in the forthcoming update the earliest. Must-Visit
This was enough for me to downgrade. I should have known when they say it was "free".
It was so stupid to remove the calendar and seconds.
Did you at least think a little bit by the head?


I don't think you understand--the month comes up, but the provision that allowed  folks set  type in selected dates, does not open. Sure, you  can click on a day and sure you can click on the month, but it's fixed, and  does not allow you to schedule in appointments and such, like a day book.  

@kishorehari Go to Start -> search for 'Calendar' app -> pin it to the taskbar
In this way, you can easily access the windows calendar with all the events and other details as in windows 10. But the inability to access those events from the taskbar calendar is really a downgrade from windows 11.

I think the most annoying thing here is that even when you've worked around your calendar functionality (whether using in your mail app, via widget, on web, etc.) you can't even get rid of the **bleep** thing in the task bar.  So it just sits there, useless, popping up when you open your notifications even though you can't do anything with it.  MS, if you're not going to add actual calendar function, could you at least throw a toggle into the Date & Time settings that keeps the useless calendar hidden?


Or let us supply what we want it to do ... such as open the Clock app, or the Calendar app ...

@kishorehari I cant understand why something so basic, so simple, has been withdrawn. (By the way, I really am hopeless with using some things on a computer).  Another thing: on the bottom right of the taskbar the time and date are displayed. That's helpful. If you hover the cursor over it, you get the date in the same format as displayed. Why? you just saw it without doing anything.  So you left click it, now you get the month with the day's name and months name spelt out above, with the date in numbers, example: Wednesday 16 March.  If you left click a date, it puts a circle round it.  that's all. you can only have one date circled.  Seems to me its almost useless.