Build 22449.rs_prerelease.210827-1350

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No taskbar just a blank white bar, also cannot get into settings. windows explorer keeps freezing or locks up the whole system. Shortcut keys do not work and you cannot type in the search bar in any windows file page. 

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Changed to sept 4th, restart and it fixed. All docs and pages i had opened before the update came back with no issues!
It's not working for me bro
Hell yeah I got it to work I changed the day to September 4th and restarted my PC Rig and task bar is back
Ctrl+shift+escape, in task manager click additional options, click file, select run new task, type control and hit enter or OK, select date and time, click change date and time, select sept 4th and click OK, then CTRL+ALT+DEL, click on the power button on the bottom right and restart.
Can I go back to windows 10 now because I have my task bar up can I go back or do I have to stay on windows 11 because they have alot to fix with that operating system software
I have found that the date and time affect alot about how windows operates and if something is a miss in the coding thebsystem will NOT function properly. This has been an issue with ALL windows OS
Yeah doing the date change worked for me.
It could be related to the issue Beta 22000.176 and Dev 22449.1000 is having with some bugs:
So, since I ran the fix for the taskbar I have now had issues where I cannot change WIP setting and I have no new builds available despite a popup stating I need to update but no updates are available. I have already ran the CMD for flightsigning and rebooted with no luck.


I play fortnite I have windows 11 insider and today I updated because I had to update and update and when I go to play my fps they go down to 40 10 7 and I normally go to more than 200 fps I move the mouse and they go down and I don't know If it is the update because before that update it did not happen to me I hope they give me a solution thanks my version of windows is build 22449.rs_prerelease.210827-1350


ctrl alt delete
task manager
run new task
cmd "taskkill /IM explorer.exe /F
cmd "explorer"

that should work