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No taskbar just a blank white bar, also cannot get into settings. windows explorer keeps freezing or locks up the whole system. Shortcut keys do not work and you cannot type in the search bar in any windows file page. 

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me paso lo mismo ami ahora pero no allo como solucionarlo
si no me queda reinstalar windows y perder todo
Dude me to no Taskbar what do we do now

Same Thing Here. No Taskbar and cant go to settings for recovery. Can only open my browser but if I even play a video on youtube my browser crashes. This needs to be fixed as soon as possible. 


How long do we have to wait
Not sure
This is just crazy anyway what kind of Rig do you have
Iv'e got a (Ryzen 7 3700x) with a (RTX 2070 Super) and 32 gigs of ram @3600Mhz. WBY
Awesome I am currently in the process of updating all my components I have a msi 3090 and I'm get 11th gen cpu hopefully by Monday everything will be built
That's nice. Been looking for a 3070 or 3080 but they are overpriced everywhere.
Yes don't buy 1 yet wait till next year that's when prices will drop but I hope these developers fix this Taskbar issue like quick
hay que volver a win 10 para recuperar la pc y despues se puede meterse al programa beta para que win 11 sea estable
si ahora si tiene la opcion en desarrollador valiste a reinstalar win
I can't read Spanish bud
Cant do work cuz of this wtf Microsoft why did u guys **bleep** this up
espera se traduce solo
I have found a temporary fix. So do (CTRL + SHIFT + ESC) That pulls up Task Manager. Next you go to file and start new task. You are going to type in (control). Then you are going to go to Clock and Region-Date and Time-Change Date and time. You are going to skip forward a few months. Your taskbar should come back. Then you are going to go do the same thing and go back to todays day again. It should start working
ctrl+shift+esc to open taskmanager, then click on file, new task, write: control, then change the day, i changed it to september 4, restart your computer and your taskbar will return to normal.
The time change did not work for me
What do you mean. Did it not let you go to time. or is it not changing.
Im trying the restart, will update