Build 17074 if full of bugs!

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three times now this build has tried to download when it installs it freezes and then it's all messed up all kinds of messages finely after a series of re-boots and repairs I am able to run it again.  However, this build also has knocked out my SiriusXM app. It no longer will work just a blank screen and no functions at all. I can go to the SiriusXM website and the mini radio that pops down for windows 10 works and asked SiriusXM people about this and was told this is a Windows issue. I can't use my app, and hope that someone in here has some idea on how to fix this? I have uninstalled the app several times re-installed it run problem checker, reset the app nothing works to fix the issue. My list is too long to explain but there are many issues on this build needing fixed. Can't call anyone on this so hopefully I will be heard. Last is I have this build in the update area but won't let it download, because of so many bugs in it.

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Runs 17040 with no problems. Windows 17074 is forced upon me by Microsoft. After 4 hours of downloading and installing the bugs kicks in. The desktop reboots, reaches 3 % and reboots. Then it restore back my old 17040. I am tired!