build 17025 wont install after downlaod, causing green screen of death at every attempt to install

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Exact same thing happening to me. I am getting an issue with volsnap.sys each time it attempts the upgrade and I get a green screen. Fix for now is turning off updates. Hope a longer term fix is in the works.

This one was caused by a graphics error. You may update the graphics driver and check if it helps, you may refer to the below article on how to update the drivers in Windows 10.

Try :
How to disable graphics in a laptop without a screen.

As per the tech article: Windows 10 testers will now get a Green Screen of Death

You may also install all the pending updates and check if it helps.
Updates are additions to software that can help prevent or fix problems, improve how your computer works, or enhance your computing experience.

Let me know the update.






My current driver for Nvidia is up to date: version 388.00 at this writing which is as up to date as you can get for a 960. Graphic driver updates are no longer the dominant issue for Windows since the decision to include them within their update scheme. Your tech article's example is slightly different from mine (see attached).  As I wrote earlier, this is, per the green screen, likely because of volsnap.sys. I believe this file has more to do with software/hardware connection with the USB or storage. I also have no other pending updates except for build 17025.


The temporary fix for now for insiders if seeing this issue and their graphic driver is up to date as mine is:

1) As SOON as you get your regular windows wallpaper back up post boot try to hit Windows + X

(You are working on the clock here and need to get this done before the next update and the inevitable crash happens - so do this quickly!)


2) Select Windows PowerShell Admin


3) You'll unnervingly have to wait for an 'okay' for the shell to run. As soon as it comes up let the OS know that PowerShell Admin is indeed, 'okay.' 

4) Run this command ASAP from the PowerShell Admin:
net stop wuauserv

This should stop the errant update service.


5) Quickly go to Settings / Update and Security. If it was in between initializing and downloading you may have to repeat step 4 because it'll just rerun wuauserv. If you have a button that says Retry, DON'T press it - the OS has temporarily given up on installing updates (this is a good thing for us). Feel free to use your machine for an unlimited time until you have to reboot and restart this entire process again.


These steps aren't the best, but at least you can use your computer for longer than 10 minutes at a time. Obviously it is a good idea to every once in a while try the update so you get the best working OS and security, but an OS isn't considered working properly if it is resetting within 10 minutes.


Hopefully Microsoft will be taking this situation seriously and working with insiders such as myself and others as to the cause to prevent this issue from reaching the common update ring.


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Rob Milliken