Build 16299.15 missing screen brightness adjustment

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After updating to this build, the screen brightness adjustments are missing in the power plan settings, in the start menu settings (under display), and the normal function keys to adjust brightness on my laptop do not work either.


It is stuck at max brightness and my eyeballs hurt :(

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It seems to be missing from this build. Also I tried adjusting the brightness through PowerShell and this doesn't seem to work either.


At least the brightness controls on my monitor still work.

I also tried using the powercfg trick without any luck as well.


How did that functionality get removed and was missed?


I'll be wearing sunglasses for a while as my laptop doesn't have any external screen controls :D

I'm also noticing that when on click on the start menu, nothing happens. I also have the mail app pinned to the task bar, and I can't open that either (by left-click or using the window key plus number).


I also can't open the action center either.