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Hello Community,


From 10th of January I am facing BSOD WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR on my HP OMEN 16 Laptop. The error kicks in when I try to Shut Down my Laptop. I have tried several Troubleshoot but didn't help.

Can you please suggest some Solutions.

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Hello! That's not good. It means you have a hardware failure. Try disabling any overclock settings, if you've overclocked. Check Windows for updates, too. Update your drivers. Also, run the chkdsk command, refer to how to run chckdsk - Search Videos ( When did this error start? If it was less than 10 days ago, you might be able to try to go back to your last version of Windows. I hope this helps!



Thank you for your prompt response.

I have ensured that my laptop's BIOS, Drivers, Windows 11 is up to date. Despite collaborating with the HP support team and utilizing Windows Troubleshoot, the issue persists. Unfortunately, the laptop lacks any restore points, making a Windows restoration unfeasible. I've also conducted hardware tests in UEFI, and all results indicate that the laptop is in good condition. It's worth noting that the laptop is only two months old.

Just wondering if you've been able to dig through device manager, and look at any events on each of the common/core devices. as well as any crash dump files for clues