Broken Bluetooth after smaller update with 23H2 Windows 11

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I was running Windows insider builds of windows, and I think it was back 2-3 months ago an update broke my bluetooth on my Desktop. Now my Desktop does not come with Bluetooth and I am using a DLink USB dongle to get Bluetooth. The update did not affect my other Laptop which has Bluetooth built in. I check that I have the most up to date drivers. I even did a remote session with Microsoft Support and there was no way to fix my bluetooth. So I reinstalled Windows and this time I did not enable Windows Insider builds. So I'm back on the public releases of updates. Now I've had 23H2 since 10/24/2023 and that did not break me. But yesterday my Windows updated and today I no longer can use ANY bluetooth devices with my Desktop. It says I have OS build 22631.2861


Seems this was the same Windows Insider build I installed a few months ago, and now its PUBLIC release, and again, I can no longer use Bluetooth.


Nothing can fix it. If i reinstall windows it will want to update to current build and again it wont work.

Seems the only thing I can do is go back to Windows 10.  I reported this issue 3 months ago with the Windows Insider build and NOTHING has been done before it was publicly released.  I don't have much hope of it getting fixed now, but you broke Windows 11 for me.



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No thoughts, but I think I have the same problem.

Same build 2861; Same issue. Bluetooth doesn't exist on the computer anymore.

I even plugged in two different bluetooth adapters and it doesn't show up in device manager. 

At least I'm not the only one.  I have since switched back to Windows 10.  With Windows 10 I had Avast One ask me to update my Ethernet adapter drivers, Bluetooth, and Bluray drivers...  I accepted, and after the reboot my internet no longer worked.  It said driver error on my ethernet adapter.  I tried rolling back the driver but that option was greyed out.  So I reinstalled Windows 10.  Now I am wondering if I was using Avast's bluetooth driver with Windows 11.  It is possible, but I didn't get any kind of driver error like I got with Windows 10, but when I scanned for devices with bluetooth nothing was ever found.


Anyway Windows 10 is working perfectly for my needs, so for now, I will keep using it.  Don't see the point to go thru the hassle of reinstalling to see if it works or not.


Is there a way to report this problem to Microsoft?  Other than these forum posts?


When support ends for Windows 10 I will have to go back to Windows 11 and I would like my bluetooth to work.