Brightness not working after latest update

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Dear Windows 11 Team,

I am writing to report an issue that I have encountered after the latest Windows 11 Insider Program update. Specifically, I have noticed that the brightness controls on my device are not working properly. Despite my attempts to adjust the brightness settings, the screen remains at a constant level of brightness.

Please let me know if there is any additional information or diagnostic reports that I can provide to help diagnose and fix this issue. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Best regards

Syed Talha Hashmi

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The same thing happened to me on 8 March 2023.  My Surface Book 2 brightness does not change despite using the keyboard, and seeing the animation.  Resetting the PC, removing both display drivers and replacing does not repair the problem.

This is the only thing preventing me from joining the Canary build. I had this problem too and had to do a clean install to fix it. The Devs need to take a closer look at this

I am facing the same issue on the latest build I updated to i.e. 25314

Hoping for a fix soon as cannot use the system at full brightness all the time.

@ am also having the same issue. Installed 25314 and now I have no control over the screen brightness on my laptop.

@TalhaHashmi95  Same here, I updated to the latest build this morning and I can't adjust my laptop's brightness level. I hope Microsoft will do something about it.

See if this fix helps you:


Hope this helps!

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I'm having the exact same problem after updating to this latest canary build. I was about to start tinkering with settings when I came across this discussion. Dev team please look into this. Thank you!
I also have the same issue. I am glad it wasn't just me. Tried reinstalling drivers and nothing seems to work. Only max brightness for me. The brightness level is going up and down when I adjust, but the monitor is not adjusting.
Having the same issue on the latest Dev preview build
Same Issue here brightness not working. Done things like uninstalling graphic drivers.
I also have the same issue on Build 25314
I hope they put this in their priority list as it's so annoying and hurts eyes.

I started having the same problem


Same issue after updating to Windows 11 Insider Preview 25314.1000

I have the same problem. Tried everything and nothing worked so far.


As I replied before, I faced the same problem with the Windows Insider Program Build 25134. What fixed it for me was to install the previous build (from Settings > System > Recovery > the "Go Back" option). I found the advice here:

Hope that helps!

@selinszg This doesn't "fix" the problem as it is a recovery, you uninstall the latest Build which has the issue and roll-back to previous version; It WILL fix the issue but you'll lose the whole 25314 update. 

Mine was fixed!
Go to Settings > System > Recovery > the "Go Back" option

It actually worked after uninstalling current update. @selinszg 

Going back to previous build will remove 25314 update and will resolve this particular issue, but it is not a perfect solution. I believe Microsoft has already acknowledged this issue and they're working on a fix.