Bluetooth Earbuds

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I am able to connect my My bluetooth earbuds QCY-T5 but I don't listen to anything. But it is working on my other devices.

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Hello brother, My earbuds get connect but I don't hear anything. I am not facing that problem. I just don't hear anything after I get connected to my earbuds BUt my earbuds are working fine.
That is, you do not have sound in your computer?
Remove these inserts from devices in the
My build in speakers is working fine. And when I plug in headphones they are also working fine.
Good luck thank you!
Maybe you are facing the same problem I have with the same earbuds.
I can connect them to my PC, they work fine, I can do anything.
But, as soon I start or join a call in Microsoft Teams the earbuds work only in Teams.
If I leave a browser playing music from any site I can see the sound levels in Volume Mixer but I don't any music on the earbuds.
And, if I go to Teams settings and the select another device, speakers for example, the earbus start giving sound from the browser.
You were right. Windows 11 broke Bluetooth.