**bleep**ing Windows 11 insider Lastest Beta build on April 21 2022 is a crap.

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Is there any **bleep**ing Developers/Testing  team at Microsoft ?
Do they test and see  or not before throwing crap on public? 
Man this build is failing happy path test. WTF are doing Testing team? 
This **bleep**ing insider beta build is restarting my machine everytime when I loggedin in just a minute. 





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Thanks for response Andrzej1
I can't even do anything , It's restarting every time I sign in, I can't even open Windows update page and try to update if in case there is any fix is available . This build is complete crap


Try 3 times press the power for 10 seconds should go to the system restore settings.

How To Use System Restore In Windows 10 & 11 (technewstoday.com)



I tried there are no recent system restore points. The last restore point is from January 2022


If you still have a green screen of death, I would try to restore (January 2022) it's not bad.
And how are you going to fix it?

I have tried to system restore but it got corrupted. Now I can't even login , it says PIN is not available another option is face lock and camera is not working. I got crap for buying a machine worth of 3500$.