Black Screen (No login prompt) after latest update

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I installed the latest preview update this morning (I'm on the beta channel) and now all I see is a black screen after the BIOS splash. The caps-lock and other key combinations don't seems to work. There is a very brief flash of a CMD window (with no text) before the blackness.


My machine is a late-model Lenovo X1 Extreme.


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From the recovery options:
Attempt to roll-back updates fails with message "Reset your PC instead"
Reset attempt fails with "Could not download files"
Safe mode is the same (black screen after BIOS and before login prompt)

If I leave it sitting it appears to go into a reboot loop.

Still troubleshooting:
Safe Mode will boot, no problem.
Safe Mode with Networking leads to a boot loop
I finally was able to reset using local files on the third try.
I will be exiting this program for sure.