Black Screen After Trying To Update To Latest Slow Ring Update

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Hello All,


I'm having serious issues trying to update to the latest build and this has been happening for over 2 weeks, I paused the updates for a week and still I have the same issue.


Basically what happens is it downloads the update and when it restarts I get a black screen, I have to go into recovery options.  Anything that needs my password it tells me that my password is incorrect which it is not.  I have to boot to safe mode with command prompt which when I do rolls back the update.  Windows cannot update at all.  I did research and it advised to move to Fast Ring and then revert back, I go to Fast Ring and exactly the same thing happens.  I have tried to update 6 times and the same thing happens.


I have reported this on the feedback hub and I have heard nothing back after 2 posts.  Can someone please help me on this one, I have included a snip of the error code from the update screen with this and the error code I am getting.  I'm pulling out my hair here so please help.


Thank you everyone, take care.



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which build is this? because i am getting it with 18908 from the fast ring.