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Hi, One of my drives, Drive D got locked by bitlocker. Earlier I was able to open the drive using bitlocker recovery keys from my microsoft account viewing them from my ipad. But now it simply says ,Access is denied & i'm not able to open it at all. I checked in settings---->security----->device encryption----->there is says Device encryption is off. In Control Panel---->view by small icons----->i don't see bitlocker drive encryption.Whenever i click on bitlocker settings, nothing happens. I created a  microsoft support ticket 1042533187 too & shared my screen using Quick assist but the person providing assistance mentioned that they don't support this OS version & provided me this link. My Dell laptop was running very slow since i bought it online ,i even got it exchanged but the exchanged one also ran very slow & couldn't work on it. So, I had to add WD Green 2.5 240 Gb SSD to make it run at normal speed. Apart from that it has my normal disk drive TOSHIBA Mq01ABD100, 1000 gb drive,as it shows under disk drives in device manager. I've been locked out of around 400 gb space, & can't access it now.Please help.thanks.

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Can u pls proving some screenshot?

@Little_Joe Hi,thanks for replying. Attached screenshot 702 that  shows the state, in which i couldn't open the drive itself & system said access denied, that occured on 10th august. Today,thank god, the situation is far better, as it shows Drive D is locked by bitlocker( as visible in screenshot 730) & asks for a bitlocker key which i can provide from my microsoft account. After i unlock it, it will automatically lock it again after a while. Is there a way that i can remove the bitlocker lock & unlock it permanently ? Please let me know if you are aware of it, i'll be really grateful. Even the current state of the system is fine for me until it allows me to access it even via bitlocker recovery keys. Thanks. Take care.