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Richard Collier
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I have noticed that each time I update to the latest Insider Preview Build, a change takes place in my boot order.   I have a Crucial SSD with Windows installed, and a Toshiba 1Tb HDD as secondary drive.  After an update, the computer will try to boot from the Toshiba.  I have to go into the bios and change the boot order, then it will work fine until the next update.   


I do not know if this is an issue with the mobo or with the Preview builds.   I am running an Intel Pentium G4440 on an Asrock ITX mobo.

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Hi Richard,


Yes I had that too but only for one release. Each time I rebooted it dropped to BIOS, I clicked close and everything booted perfectly, I didn't need to alter the boot drives. Now on 17704.rs_prerelease.180623-1611 and all seems happy again.


Will update the post if the issue returns.

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