Beta Build 22622.586 (KB5016701) issues

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This update has several issues. After installation, I could no longer access that Control Panel in the normal way. Had to resort to control.exe shortcut. Also, the Menu Bar in File Explorer is MIA as well. Reverted to 22622.575 and all works again.

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@davequail same thing happened with me so i just uninstalled the update KB5016701. 

Same problem. explorer.exe crashing in a loop after login, the whole desktop flashing white every few seconds. Was a bit challenging to rollback KB5016701 but after that my system is starting normally again.
I do have the xbox dev kit installed, but this repeating crashing on logon seems a little more serious than the known issues suggest at


Same issue here. Once the Beta Build is installed File Explorer crashes. The Print dialog crashes when I attempt to Print to file (for example, Adobe PDF or Microsoft Print to PDF) as soon as the Save File appears. Using the right mouse click to perform operations such as New, Properties, etc crashes. Uninstalling the build successfully eliminates the problem. 

My USB-C earphone stopped working. Keyboard typing is so laggy i can only type reliably a 1 char per second. Using a Dell Vostro 5391

@davequail My problem with this release is that I am unable to access the properties on all desktop shortcut icons. When I right click all icons flash and the right click menu disappears. Also I use the file manager Xplorer2 Pro which will not run. I had to do a system restore to a point a few days earlier as there didn't seem to be a way to uninstall the update. I have stopped updates for a week but I don't know how to do anything beyond that.


Yes, they created a new problem with Control Panel and Windows tools with a faulty fix in File Explorer Tabs.

They fixed one bug and introduced a new one. The faulty fix is addressing a bug that was reported in previous build where File Explorer with Tabs would seem to open a window twice when using "Open File Location"

With this update the old bug appears to be fixed, but a few more bugs showed up with Control Panel and Windows Tools. 🤬🤬🤬

If I disable File Explorer Tabs, all these problems disappear. 

Clearly MS never discusses how to enable or disable experimental features, but it is easy to do using some third-party tools.

As a temporary alternative, until MS gets a proper fix, you can uninstall the Beta enablement package and revert to 22621.586 which has the experimental features disabled by default.

All these problems disappear just by magic. 🤬

@fggIB I'm running a full upgrade to Windows 11 so what does "uninstall the Beta enablement package" mean? On Google it looks like that takes me back to Windows 10. 

Also its not Windows Explorer that won't run. It's "xplorer2" by
This is the enablement I'm referring to:
Feature enablement for Beta Channel Preview Update (KB5015669)

Uninstalling that takes it back from 22622.586 to 22621.586

OK. How do I do that? Won't Windows Update just want to reinstall the newer one?
Unfortunately, it doesn't let me paste a screen shot here.
If you go in Settings and search for Uninstall Updates, it will take it to a screen where you can click Uninstall just for that specific KB5015669
There is a screen shot posted in the insider forum in the link below:
Yes, I see that. The update that caused the problem was installed on 8/26 and I eliminated the problems by using a restore point from an earlier date. KB5015669 shows on the list as installed on 7/6 but the problem didn't show up until 8/26 so my original question must be in error. I could turn on update again and see what KB number causes the problem. However, after uninstalling the appropriate update won't the system just want to reinstall it and I'm back to the need to turn off updates? Thank you for working with me on this!!
I turned on updates. This is what caused the problems. And I have turned the updating off for now.
Windows 11 Insider Preview (10.0.22622.586) (KB5016701)

I know what update caused the problem, but you don't need to uninstall it.
If you just remove to enablement package KB5015669 it will go from 22622.586 to 22621.586 and that has the features that are causing the problem disabled by default.
Without the File Explorer Tabs all those new bugs will go away.
It doesn't matter if the enablement package was installed a month earlier.
The Tabs Feature was updated in this build and caused the new problems. Disabling it will get rid of the bugs.

W.U. will offer the enablement again, but you don't have to reinstall it if you don't want to. You can just suspend updates before it reinstalls it.

It would be easier if you knew how to simply disable TIFE.  Tabs in File Explorer.

If you switch from Beta to Release Preview before you uninstall the enablement, it will not be offered again after it is removed. It will stay at 22621.586.

I would show you how to disable experimental features in Windows 11, but it is a discussion that for some reason is not allowed in Microsoft forums.
If you do a little research on the web, you can find out how it is done.

Same here. And everything becomes normal.