Beta and Dev Channels options are not showing up (Windows 10)

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Note: This question is nothing related to Windows 11.


I have installed the below Windows 10 Insider ISO (Version 20H2 (OS Build 19042.1052))on my Hyper-V virtual machine.


When I go to Windows Insider Settings, I only see the Release Preview Channel, as shown below. 




Why is Beta and Dev Channels not getting shown? Can someone help me why such behavior? 




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I'm also having the same problem.

I deleted the existing VM and recreated a new VM from scratch and noticed that I am getting all 3 channels (Dev, Beta, Release Preview).


Looks like some temporary issue with Windows Insider Setting! 


Windows Insider Program tabWindows Insider Program tab


Windows Insider Pick your ChannelWindows Insider Pick your Channel

how did you do that?
can you explain to me .@Kamlesh Rao 

Created New HyperV Virtual Machine with default settings as I did before. No changes or special setting.
How to delete the existing hyper v vm and recreate it from scratch?
Are you using a HyperV Virtual Machine at your end? Or are you trying this directly on your laptop?

If using HyperV, then right click on the Virtual Machine in HyperV Manager and delete it.

@Kamlesh Rao I don't have virtual. I can install windows without virtual 

you can send video please

@Kamlesh Rao 


Most probably the partition style of your primary hard drive (OS Drive) is Legacy Style. Convert it to GPT. That should do the trick.

i solved i am giving link click that and watch it solve it

thank you

@Kamlesh Rao 

Hi,welcome to Technical Tech Step 1= Open the Windows Insider program and check if the Dev Channel option is available.Step 2 = If it is not available, type ...