battery draining issue after installaiton of windows 11

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battery draining issue after installaiton of windows 11

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To get rid of this problem temporarily :
1- open task manager.
2- go to startup, and click on right button on COM Surrogate and press display.
3- go to process and end task COM Surrogate.
I have the same issue after updating to windows 11. My laptop Is a dell XPS 7590. It is draining fast as hell. When I shut it down it completely, Somehow the battery depletes to zero and my laptop won't turn on. I was scared the first day I didn't understand what happened.
Same issue, My laptop is Asus ROG G531.
I use my laptop a few day in a week.
At first, I wasn't sure that my laptop completely shutdown.
But it still happen after I'm surly shut down my laptop.
I'll revert back to windows 10 next week.

@cuidado_con_windows u can again reinstall windows 10 if your laptop battery drain fast..
just download windows 10 iso file and then extract it....
before reinstall windows 10 make sure your important data have save at another place from pc....
and after extract then open extracted folder and open setup file it is windows 10 setup file no need to boot any pendrive....just open setup file and complete it u may use windows 10..

That does not work the laptop diagnostics from HP status cell is damaged this is physical damage not software. The laptop is brand new only use it for a month with windows 10 upgraded to 11 used it for 2 days then battery is now damaged Microsoft should own up an pay me $150 for the replacement battery of $ 899 for a new hp laptop

@GoodingR that doesn't sound like a Windows 11 problem to me ??


So you've had the laptop for just over a month and believe that it took 2 days for the Win11 OS to damage the battery and nothing else could have damaged it ? Why would it take the OS 2 days to do it and not do it immediately or quicker than 2 days ? And why should Microsoft pay for a brand new laptop ($900) rather than just the battery ($150)


You shouldn't be talking to anybody apart from HP who should be replacing the battery free of charge under warranty.

@curiouskid does this even work??

I'm in the same boat. Brand new Lenovo Flex 5. Battery life was phenomenal. Was recc to download Windows 11 from a friend. 

Now, Everytime I pick up my laptop (every few days) it's dead. I used to get over a week out of my laptop before needing to charge. 


I'm passed by rollback day. I didn't realize this until 2 weeks after. 

I face similar issue. Its been two days since the update. better is draining fast and charging has become comparatively slower. @itsdinesh1983 


I was facing the same issue but now i have sort out the solution for the issue 

you just need to reset the pc 

After that all the unwanted apps which are using the battery and also that apps which isn't important to you will be deleted and the battery optimization will be the old one after resetting the pc.

Thanks me Later if the issue is solved 

Same problem on Asus ZenBook Pro Duo. battery went from 5 hours to 30 min if that.. Even worse I can`t downgrade back to windows 10. 

I'm seeing the same issue but I think I found the cause, not that I can find a solution. I noticed the problem too late to roll back and don't have the time to do a clean Windows 10 install.

My battery on my 6 month old laptop went from lasting 3 or 4 hours to about 20 minutes. I ran a battery health report and found that max capacity had reduced from 41000 to 34000 the day of Windows 11 update (8 November). 23000 the next week 14000 the next, 6000 the next and finally down to 2408 where it's been since.
So according to the report, capacity dropped 95% in about 3 weeks. Estimated battery life dropped from 3 hours 49 minutes to 13 minutes.

2021-11-04 - 2021-11-11 41,048 mWh 41,771 mWh
2021-11-11 - 2021-11-18 33,184 mWh 41,771 mWh
2021-11-18 - 2021-11-25 23,948 mWh 41,771 mWh
2021-11-25 - 2021-12-02 14,730 mWh 41,771 mWh
2021-12-02 - 2021-12-09 6,276 mWh 41,771 mWh
2021-12-09 - 2021-12-16 2,408 mWh 41,771 mWh

So could anyone still having the drain issue please run a battery health report outlined at the link below. Check under "Battery capacity history" in the report and see if you're also seeing the same capacity issue.

I am also facing the same issue... I was getting battery backup of 6-7 hours which is reduces to only 2-3 hours. This is huge. @itsdinesh1983 


I thought I was going crazy for the past couple weeks. I first noticed my battery was stuck at 99% and would not lower. I plugged it in knowing that wasn't the case. Restarting didn't seem to do much. Eventually though, I unplugged it and closed up shop. Now, EVERY TIME I open my HP the battery is dead. I have to have it plugged in almost constantly.


I had zero issues with battery life prior to installing Windows 11. Seeing all the comments only solidifies the fact it is the source of the problem. Hoping there is some kind of update implemented that will rectify the situation. 

@itsdinesh1983 Same issue on my XPS 7590. I replaced the battery thinking it had warn out, but to no avail. They really messed up with this one, I am thinking about switching to MacBook now (very painful thought)

@NPHoffmann8703 could you run a battery health report as mentioned in my comment here and report back if you're seeing the same thing
What information are you looking for specifically? Old battery max capacity was 72Whr/97, new one is 93/97. On windows I was getting 10 - 14 hr battery, now I am getting 2-4 hrs tops.
There's a link on how to run a battery health report. If you run that and check under battery capacity you can see capacity history.
For me it started dropping the day of upgrade and within 3 weeks was down to 5%.

If you could check that and see if similar happened to you.
Ah I didn’t do a batterycfg reading before I upgraded, only after.
You can do it again. It should have enough history to see if there was a change. Mine goes back to early November