Assign a shortcut to Touch Keyboard in Windows


I need to launch Touch Keyboard without the need to going to the bottom of the screen and click on its icon, because it's time consuming and I have to do this repeatedly.


I use mechanical keyboard but in order to write in foreign alphabets, I need to use Touch keyboard which is on my screen and I can use mouse to select words.

It'd be great if I could launch Touch keyboards quickly with a keyboard shortcut.


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+1 ... It would seem that out of all the tricks in the book in making custom shortcuts for Windows 10/11, this is just one that likely can't be done. It has something to do with Microsoft's move to split off the Desktop & Tablet modes to assume functionality in order to preserve resources (I believe). My solve was to use Automation software, in my case FastKeys, to map mouse ctrl+middle-click to send %CLICK_tk% which literally clicks discovered screen coordinates of touch keyboard icon... *sigh*
Over-Engineered? Yes. Though it is technically a convenience function and non-critical, I use it often, yet still wonder why it was necessary.
Here's hoping a solution presents itself in an update!