Any chance to see the return of the full screen button to the start menu as in build 9926

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I was not part of the technical preview in 2015, but really want the full screen button back on the start menu as in build 9926. Currently, you have to go through Settings, and the start menu may crash when doing this. Many Fluent Design concepts show this. Here's an example:


My current solution is to have the Start settings page pinned to Start. Less clicks, but:

1. It still crashes.

2. You don't get that feeling of snappiness that the button had.


I'm almost wishing I had participated in the early builds!

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On Tablet mode the start menu is in full screen, you can also drag any edge of the start menu and expand it.
it's not late to join Insider program, there are cool stuff coming to fast ring builds :)


IN the top-right of the start menu in the image linked here is the button I'm referring to. It's used to quickly switch the start menu between full screen and normal without toggling tablet mode. Confusion like yours is one of the reasons they removed this button in build 10122. I really think this button should come back to the hamburger menu. People who find it confusing could turn it off.

That Start menu looks nice, I almost forgot how transparent it was comparing to what I have now in latest Windows 10 build.
about that maximize button, I don't know why they removed it, it doesn't bother anyone, I hope they add it back. they are thinking about redesigning the Start menu.
Thanks, hmm looks like what they did was based on the analytic data they received from Windows 10 users