Announcing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 18999

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Hello Windows Insiders, today we’re releasing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 18999 (20H1) to Windows Insiders in the Fast ring.


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idk why they still aren't using WinUI or doing any important things. like control panel to settings.



Known Issues (UPDATED)


  • There has been an issue with older versions of anti-cheat software used with games where after updating to the latest 19H1 Insider Preview builds may cause PCs to experience crashes. We are working with partners on getting their software updated with a fix, and most games have released patches to prevent PCs from experiencing this issue. To minimize the chance of running into this issue, please make sure you are running the latest version of your games before attempting to update the operating system. We are also working with anti-cheat and game developers to resolve similar issues that may arise with the 20H1 Insider Preview builds and will work to minimize the likelihood of these issues in the future.
  • [Added] We’re investigating reports that some devices are getting stuck during shutdown or restart.


The first one is technically not an Issue with Windows 10 insider itself but the developers of the Battle Eye Anti-cheat tool need to make their tools compatible with Insider versions of Windows 10 in addition to the normal Windows 10 releases.






@pneenkoalabear wrote:
idk why they still aren't using WinUI or doing any important things. like control panel to settings.

I know right, my guess is that they intended to solidify their base before jumping into other big features. I'm very hopeful that we're gonna see big changes after this build, specially since literally all the known issues are fixed now.

I also like if they get rid of the control panel forever and add all the details to the settings page instead.

maybe they even surprise us by bringing back the Windows SETS :)

ngl, Settings sucks. Control Panel's layout was quite good and everything was native af. In the programs and features page I can press on a key and it'll jump to it. I could search and type ahead for file types and stuff (but i don't think this is available in control panel anymore unfortunately). I can't right click on folders in the start menu to go to it's location but in Windows 7 I could.

And there's even bugs like the low battery warning being a File Explorer window in the taskbar.

I also wonder why they make Your Phone's features limited to certain phones when Pushbullet is so powerful.

I just don't get Microsoft.

we could dream!
The only thing that bothers me is that I have to refer to control panel and can't do everything from the settings. I like the new look and feel, control panel was great back in its time but IMO it's old now and fact is it's not touch friendly.
I agree with the your phone app, there are thousands of phone models but only Samsung phones are getting the priority. I wanna use the screen mirroring feature on your phone app and my phone is Android 9 but I can't.
I don't have any issues with the appearance of Control Panel personally but I guess it's a lot more dense than Settings. I hope Microsoft does something with the density like what they've done with the system tray. It changes it's size when there's a touchscreen. It gets even bigger in tablet mode.
I think they stopped working on control panel anymore, haven't seen any changes in it for a long time reading the change logs

but they haven't moved any options to Settings in years either. I don't think it'd be hard for them to change the density as they already have the code for File Explorer with tablet mode :D

When I said control panel is not good for touch devices I wasn't referring to its density, the whole UI is not optimized, they are literally links in there that need precision clicking with mouse cursor
The shut down and restart is broken. It hangs and never restarts or shut down
Yes, please add your details to this feedback using (add similar feedback in the Feedback hub app), Thanks
Fix the **bleep** restart and shutdown issue. It's not excusable that such basic functionality should be broken in any build, preview or not.



@MariaArkle wrote:
Fix the **bleep** restart and shutdown issue. It's not excusable that such basic functionality should be broken in any build, preview or not.

Have to wait for the next build.

it's not abnormal for things like this to happen, when you and all of us signed up for receiving insider builds, we all agreed to these problem that might happen. so nothing out of ordinary here


also the insider blog page says: "IMPORTANT: As is normal with pre-release builds, these builds may contain bugs that might be painful for some."


it's not painful for me though since Sleep and Hibernate still work I can use them until next build comes out

I just turn off fast boot in power button behavior. Seems to fix it for the most part.
Cool, could use it as a workaround until next build