Announcing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17115 for Fast


Hello Windows Insiders!


Today, we are releasing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17115 (RS4) to Windows Insiders in the Fast ring.


More info:

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"We fixed an issue where the Microsoft Store might be completely broken or gone altogether after upgrading." Perhaps but I was expecting Microsoft Store to reappear on my PC but did not and "ms-resource:Store Title" is still in the "other" folder directory at the bottom of the startup menu ... Not a big deal as I can re-install Microsoft Store using PowerShell as done last year but I do find Microsoft Store that necessary ... Windows 10 Pro Evaluation copy Build 17115.rs4_release 180302-1642 2 Hours 3 Minutes installation time ... Went smoothly ... Thank you ...

Hi Thomas,

Thanks for sharing you experience.


Regarding the Microsoft Store issue, did you fixed it via PowerShell on Build 17110? If you did it and it worked at the time, I suggest you submit a log on the Feedback Hub refering that on Build 17115 the issue persists.


Please share the feedback hub link so others can upvote the issue. 



Microsoft Store is not a big issue ... All I am saying is the use of PowerShell scripts to remove and install Windows items will always work as I have tried this before when getting familiar with PowerShell ... I am not using this PowerShell script as Microsoft Store is not a big deal ... However, Microsoft does update my PC regularly and automatically with new builds and during the rs3 trials these updates worked well except for Build 17093 which I could not get installed after at least five ( 5 ) attempts with some explanation about reboot loops ... later builds w installed smoothly ... the latest Build 17115.1000 went smoothly but this silly Microsoft Store issue has NOT been resolved as it is not there and "ms-resource:Store Title" is still in the "other" folder directory at the bottom of the startup menu ... I have posted this in feedback hub at least twice ... I am confident that I am not the only one with this silly issue as I have not modified my PC in any way and use it with mostly Microsoft programs like Microsoft Mail and Edge and the compatible Open Office programs ... This means the updates should resolve silly issues without the user doing anything ... I hope I am clear ... Thank you ...

All microphones connected to my computer no longer work. Hrm.


*Edit* Skype is saying it can't access my sound card.

Hi Nny,

Did you try to run the Sound troubleshooter?


Yes, it just says "Troubleshooting can't identify the problem." If I click "View detailed information" every field says "Issue not present."


I checked both my microphones (One in webcam and a Yeti Blue condenser mic)


If I roll back to an older build everything works again, but when I update again it re-breaks.

My PC updated and at that time I decided to do a reset to clean things up as it had been a long time. Currently when I log into Windows from my Admin account, it sits at a blank, black screen with my mouse cursor. Randomly it sometimes makes it to my desktop, at this point my Microsoft Store does not function as it just spins, my Feedback Hub won't work either. I can't check for updates nor can I download the ISO file of Build 171115 as I was considering using it to do a full clean install. Any ideas? I have tried to reset the Microsoft Store, reinstall through PowerShell and completed a second 'reset' with all the same issues on the second round. As well when trying to log in to post this comment, it took 3 attempts for some reason as the first two it wouldn't accept my user but the 3rd attempt it did without issue.