Announcing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 16281 for PC


Hello Windows Insiders!


Today we are releasing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 16281 for PC to Windows Insiders in the Fast ring only (not Skip Ahead).

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I get the Blue Screen of Death when update installs and restarts then it goes back to desktop. So far I have tried to install  the build 4 times it still will not get past blue screen can anyone help?

Update error windows 162881 Nr. 0x80240034

My Surface will no longer boot! I had to run recovery/reinstall, reupdated to the latest fast ring build and did it again!!! This built renders your drive unable to boot!
The same is happening with Build 16288 and 16362. I manage to boot with recovery tools and roll back to previous Build. Now I'm on slow ring.

I have problems with the colors of the screen.
they come out as spots

My Surface Pro 3 no longer boots after restarting. Automatic Recovery does not start either. Things were going very stable. @Brian Kirkland ... did you lose files/applications with recovery/reinstall? Was that with a recovery USB?

I ended up having to go into a Microsoft store and getting a clean install done of Windows 10 by an associate.  Then, I brought it home, and downloaded the latest ISO Fast Insider build to a USB stick, because as soon as I let Windows update me back to the the fast ring update, it happened again.  Thus proving that it's the Insider update.  Slow ring didn't help.  The slow ring updated to a version with similar behaviors.  They should, AT LEAST, test to see if your PC reboots before they release new builds.  On restart, it works fine.  On shut down, I need to use that USB recovery drive every time!

Hi there, having the same. How can I boot with recovery tools and roll back to previous?
Thank you