Am not receiving Windows 11 beta update

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Thank you for helping. So I signed up with the windows insider program, signed up for the Windows 11 beta, and my machine says it's "up to date", but I have not received an update to get Windows 11's Beta.

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No windows here either. I got a Windows Insider message a couple of weeks ago when I checked why I wasn't getting Windows 11. Message said my PC needed a TPM module. I finally was able to get one from MSI and installed it. I also turned on secure boot which also seemed to be needed. That was about 2 weeks ago and still no Windows 11. After I installed the TPM module an update did take me to Windows 10 21H2. Would love to see Windows 11. I did a chat session that I believed was with Windows 11 support team but turned out it wasn't. They told me there really wasn't any support at this time and to just put in another feedback about my problem.
That where I was also. Here’s what I did. I switched to Dev channel and the 11 update immediately showed up. After installing and checking updates till there were no more I then returned to Beta channel. They are at the same build right now so I’m guessing I’ll now receive beta updates and not Dev updates. It’s stable so far.
Windows 11 build 22000.132 for the Dev and Beta channels, still not receive on beta channel.
Hi sign up for the Dev Channel - get the current build and then go back to the Beta channel -

That's what I did. @Joe_Maria2280 

Davis Valencia - i responded to you - listen friend - windows insider - then dev channel- you will receive the update- i would also recommend once you have your win 11 installed - you check off the beta channel and join that - remember change your preference to the dev channel first - when you are up and running go to beta



10.0.22000.132 (co)release) just showed up in my Beta Channel. 






22000.132 installed via Beta channel!


Start to finish (with 130 existing applications on W10 in place) took about ~1-hour.   Smooth upgrade.  No installation issues.


Time to start kicking the tires hard!  Be sure to post any bug reports, comments, or suggestions in the Feedback Hub!  Those do help to get this OS ready for gold release later this fall.

@SkyJohnI had just decided to wait it out and see what happened.  So when I checked today a download pending was there for Windows 11 Insider Preview 10.0.22000.132 (co_release).  Now just deciding if I want to install it in a virtual partition or not.

I finally received 22000.132 on bet but had too much trouble update to windows 11 from windows 10. but windows 11 has to turn on TM and secure boot to install, it is an updated requirement for windows 11, I did not turn on when install so when receive on beta channel from windows update, when pc need restart, install hang at %85 for hours, I had to turn power off, then BIOS says operation was not found, then use a windows to go usb to turn on, setup go back to %85 then hang for hours. I finally had to take a windows 11 on dev other hard drive to my main hard drive, then start setup all settings.

i have already waited 1 week for the beta update and i still dont have it, my settings are optimized my gear is too, i am registered on windows insider program, i have enough space but still, cant install, also i have bios on uefi and secure boot on, can anybody help me?



Switch to the dev channel and download the version that matches the latest beta version. They are identical. Then after you’re running 11 go back to the beta channel for future beta versions.

@SkyJohn i started trying the dev but now i went to beta to see if it works, it still doesnt