Alt Tab in Windows 11 takes over the entire screen - ewww

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Can I do feedback here? Anyone from Microsoft sees this? 


The full screen ALT TAB is bad. Throws one's attention outside the workflows. 


Please consider going back to the Win10 UI in ALT-TAB, or even better - the Win7 (in Windows 7, the Desktop had it's own view - which was great!). 


Also - the thing Windows does where it WRAPS the window in this title - is horrible!!! (again - to workflow and aesthetics as well) 




PS - anyone else agrees? 

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Agree completely, and its ludicrously slow. I was used to doing three finger swipe up and immediately switching to the previous app (via the touch pad with High precision drivers). Now when I three finger swipe up, it takes a half second to a second for the switching UI to display, and if I release too early, it just doesn't switch at all. SOS

Totally agree.
It's 2021 already Microsoft.
Can't u guys make something like this?


+1 here!
At least they should provide an option to choose the alt+tab style.

Navigating the new AltTab UI with the keyboard becomes very difficult once you have a fair amount of windows opened, because it is difficult to pinpoint the selected window for only the rounded edges remain as part of the highlight. Below is a sample. The window with current focus is the second on the top left corner.