After switching from Dev to Beta channel, updates are greyed out

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I received an email yesterday (3-23-2022) "Decide which insider channel is best for you" and decided to change my Windows 11 (virtual) machine from Dev to Beta channel. The machine currently running build 22543.1009. Although I was able to successfully switch from Dev to Beta in Windows Update settings, Windows Update is not working to perform the update to the new build 22581.


On the Windows Update page:

1. "Check for Updates" is greyed out.

2. Build "Insider preview 22581.1 (ni_release)" is offered (but also greyed out) with an "Update status unknown" message next to it.

3. Other updates (e.g. Malicious Software Removal tool) are also offered greyed out with "Update status unknown" message next to it.


The Windows Update troubleshooter finds a problem, but doesn't appear to fix it. Since 22581 beta doesn't yet appear as a download ISO, how can I install it?


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Esta build la podrías descargar desde el sitio de uup dump ahí escribes la compilación que necesitas descargar ahí el sitio te explica los pasos a seguir
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It turns out that I just should have been more patient.

After doing three shutdown-start ups and a few Restarts yesterday in an effort to somehow trigger Windows update (or un-grey the Check for Update button), waiting until another day (today) and trying some shutdown-startups and Restarts today, I wrote this discussion item.

This afternoon, trying again to do a shutdown-startup one more time, Windows update had decided to do the OS update, as well as the other pending updates. I waited until the OS update was finished to confirm that it worked, as checked by channel after the update. It is on the latest build on the beta channel. Updated!

The only thing that was interesting is that the OS update started by itself, I did not need to select it from Windows Update. If I'm not that one only with this behavior, emails in future might mention that "There may be a lag in between the channel change and the OS update with some unusual status behavior in Windows Update until the next OS update is installed." Or something to that effect. Otherwise the channel change worked as advertised. Cheers!
hola amigo usualmente esto suele suceder felicidades entonces a probar la Windows . saludos