after last update windows dead, thank you MICROSOFT!

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After the latest incredible windows update my system has been killed verified by Microsoft and killed once again.


The DISM command is not working at all, all commands is unknown so there is no any way to get it fix.

No way to manipulate with last windows updates, guys you left to room to get it fix, how?.

How is possible in 2022?




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Would you mind elaborate your issue in detail?
Are you able to boot into Windows?
Are you seeing any error message?
Do you have access to the Windows installation media?
Are you using Windows 10 or Windows 11?
Thank you Raza for your reply the first one!
Windows 11 pro edition - was part of insider program
After the last update windows downloaded and start installing the last update, in the middle of installation windows restart himself (which completely normal process) and dead.
From this point only one message seeing (aborting update) and windows enter into blue screen loop while its trying to recover windows and of course with no success.
So i enter into rescue mode to try revoke last updates and DISM command is not working - all commands is in unknown state with 87/2/5 error codes.
I'm not regular user i'm IT professional i pretty know how handle such stuff, but you guy's left no any room to get it solve at least somehow how, how is it possible after all years experience you have?
If you pushing enforce update to the production so please at least enforce to create "restore point" is not so hard to do.
I get it solve by myself and my computer is working now but i lost workday only because of you.
I get my experience it was good lesson but not worth it at all.


Hi, everyone would like to know what KB led to this problem, what Insider channel are you in because the blue screen of death is only in the stable version of Windows?

"From this point only one message seeing (aborting update) and windows enter into blue screen loop "