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While testing Windows 10, I noticed that the width of the address bar (and search bar) in explorer had increased, which is very ugly (with 100% scale)


Possible to have the usual width (as with the 18362)


18362 : 




18363 : 





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it's normal and part of a change to the File explorer search and UI,
the search results are rich now and show a small icon and more details. the change is available in both 19H2 (1909) and 20H1 (currently in fast ring)

more info in Windows insider blog:





Thanks for the info, but it's too ugly
Looks like it's made for visually impaired or used with a 125% scale and everything else at 100%

Don't worry you get used to it



I'll see, otherwise I'll see if it's possible to change it :smile:

Otherwise, I did not see the "more details" in the search bar



Oh ok thanks, the suggestions have been added right ?
I disable them, so no use

And MS has expanded the address and search bars for that ?

Suggestions must be added through Feedback hub app,
yes they're expanded