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Adobe Illustrator mouse cursor disappears on Windows 11 Insider Preview 26080

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I opened Illustrator to work on a project and my mouse cursor disappears when I am in the workspace. I can't seem to get it back. I have contacted Adobe and they said that it's a Windows issue. 


Here is a link to the form that people are posting to with the issue:

Re: illustrator, Mouse missing on artboard page - Adobe Community - 14488719

Mouse cursor disappears on Windows 11 Insider Preview – Adobe Illustrator (

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Known issues

We’re investigating reports of mouse cursor issues after installing Build 26058+, including that the cursor is disappearing in some apps. If you’re experiencing issues, please file feedback describing exactly what you’re seeing under Input and Language > Mouse in the Feedback Hub. This build includes a number of fixes to help with recent reports.
Submitted. Do you have an eta on when this will be fixed?

With this build, the recent issues with the mouse cursor disappearing, and other recent issues related to the mouse cursor behaving abnormally should be fixed.