Add URLs for Windows Settings for better and faster navigation

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Control panel has URLs: Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network and Sharing Center the new Microsoft Edge Settings has URL: edge://settings/content/cookies


they make life so much easier when user just wants to go straight to a settings page and modify an option, instead of going through each previous step or using search.


this also comes a lot handy when helping someone else or explaining them where to go in the Settings to do what.


in Windows settings, there is no such thing, so we have to do extra work every time and when helping others to go to a specific option, we should manually write it down, like Windows settings => system => keyboard => and so on



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I would love that too, since when I do edge://help or any protocol it does a bing search.
if you haven't already, please upvote it ^^
URLs are available for Settings, they just need to be added to the UI for quick copying