Add Today's To-Do List Items to the Agenda section of Windows 10

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Add my day's To-Do list items to the Agenda section of Windows 10, when clicking on time and date at the bottom right corner in Windows 10 I want to see my To-Do list items for today.

currently the only way to view my To-Do list is to open the full app on Windows 10 or go to the website using the browser.

if I could see them in the Agenda section in Windows 10, it would be a great reminder and I could see what I have to do for today.


I know we can set notifications and reminders for each To-Do list item individually but that's Not what I need.

the Agenda section in Windows 10 already shows the Calendar events but I don't use Calendar events that much and I rare have any events to set on my Windows 10 Calendar and when I do, they are for future, like 2 months later, 6 weeks later etc.


showing To-Do list items in Agenda section would be convenient and it also Belongs to Agenda.
Calendar events And To-Do list items of the day can both be displayed in Agenda.




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