Add a Blur tool to the Snip & Sketch


There are many times when we need to take a screenshot and show it to someone but it contains other info, sensitive or personal, so we have to draw on them with colors and it makes it look ugly.
please add a blur tool so we can be able to blur those details. also be able to change the thickness of blur tool.

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A redaction tool would be awesome
Redaction too? well you can use the black ink from the snip & sketch app to draw it on any part of the screenshot you want

@HotCakeX the black ink is difficult to use for redaction if you have a large image you would like to redact. List of names, for example. 

In addition to that, putting a black rectangle over text is far quicker than nervously drawing black, wobbly lines over multiple lines of text.
Upvote the feedback and share it if you can on other platforms so it will hopefully be noticed and implemented
@HotCakeX I already did.
Nice, thanks
Feedback link does not work