Action center locked at half length.

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This began with my latest update to Windows 11 beta. The action center comes up and ends toward the lower right of the desktop but is cut around 1/3 toward the top. As a result, the slide bars for sound and brightness shows but above that the first layer of actionable icons is interrupted. I have attached a screen shot of the left half of the screen. I have done a dskscan, sfc, and good reboot. Using the speaker icon above or the win + a both bring up the action center, as shown that is cut halfway. My latest upgrade shows I am at Windows Home 10.2.22000 Build 22000..Action Center Cut Off at the topAction Center Cut Off at the top 


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Hi, I am also facing the same issue on my Lenovo T480 model. Have you got any solution to this problem. My build version is 22000.282
This is a major issue. I have the same problem.
I've tried disabling third party apps as Display Fussion, Start 11, Fences, Nexus and Rainmeter and also changed resolutions from my 4K screen. Nothing changes!!!
After lots of investigation, I managed to find out. Windows 11 does not support Taskbar positioning to the Top. That means that if you edit the registry of use an alternate tool like Taskbar 11, The taskbar will show on top but the Action Center will display cut off.

If you like to display the taskbar on top, then you'll have to tolerate the cut off action center, till Windows 11 comes up with the menu to position on top hence they'll be able to correct the action center and display as a whole.

Try to submit this via Feedback Hub app to report this to MS.

@NicoMan77 Wow, that's it. 


It really makes you wonder why change something that's not for the better.


When Microsoft broke a bunch of stuff with Windows Vista, I understood. That was bringing the OS to a new level of appearance. Using GPU composition made it possible to create much more compelling aesthetics.


But we've reached a level where changes in appearance now are like clothing fashion. We got from solid to transparent and then back to solid. To flat to shadow and then back. From color to grayscale and back.


At this point we just gotta have options. Companies should not be locking people up in whatever they think is best. And they certainly should not be removing a perfectly working way to let people have a side taskbar (maybe they really want us to have the 60% whitespace we do in this very website) and when you think you can at least have it on the top of the screen: no, you don't.  

@NicoMan77 yep that was it.  I'm a top of window Taskbar guy. So yeah, this sucks.