AAD DS, Business Server Hosted on Azure VM, is it possible to add Windows 365?

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I would like to create a cloud environment to my SMB customers.


The idea is to host their business app in Azure VM, added to an AAD Domain Service, and create Windows 365 for their users.

Watching some videos it seems Windows 365 Business you cannot added to a Virtual Network, and Windows 365 Enterprise you need an on-premises AD, which is not the idea for a SMB customer.


Any thoughts around this?

WVD is to much cost for customers with less than 10 users. Any idea what I can do?


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Windows 365 Business subscriptions don't require on-prem AD. They can be Azure AD only.


For Windows 365 Enterprise, Hybrid Azure AD Join is still required. It's not supported to use Azure Active Directory Domain Services in combination with Windows 365. However, the domain controller doesn't have to be hosted on prem. You could also host your domain controllers in Azure as virtual machines.


For SMB, Windows 365 Business would be sufficient in my opinion

Ok, but how do I connect the Windows 365 business cloud PC to the hosted VM server in Azure, if it seems I cannot assign a virtual network to it. How will it find the business server?


You could add a VPN gateway in the hosted VM's network and create a point to site VPN on the Windows 365 computer. Or you could wait untill Windows 365 enterprise will support Axure AD only mode.