A problem with windows insider

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Hello so I have experienced an error with windows insider. So first when I applied for windows insider I restart yeah after that I go in settings and to insider settings and it says. "You may continue to receive Insider Preview builds until your pc restarts. Welp I try pressing restart button dosen't work try it again still dosen't work then I just restart it manualy. Okay after restarting I go in settings okay nothing happens dosen't restart but when I go in windows update settings It auto restarts. So can you help

Thanks for help! :)

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Check for Windows Update and make sure download and install all updates.
In case you joined the Windows Insider , then leave the program and try to join again.

@Reza_AmeriI have the lastest version of windows 20H2



Hi take a look - there are links that are helpful.

Good luck

thx Im goona look in to it
Thx for trying to help but only thing from that that I can do But I don't want to do that install the iso
I understand that.
And what build do you currently have for Windows?
What channel are you registered in?