3rd monitor task bar stuck to left edge and doesn't show icons on Windows 11

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Last week I had to upgrade my video card and drawing tablet so I had Windows 11 installed. While setting up the new tablet display (an XP Pen Artist 12 2nd Generation).  I'm an artist/graphic designer using mainly Adobe software. I was experimenting with how to set up the monitors. I have 2 Asus wide screen monitors and now the tablet display.  I've got the right monitor set up as display 1, the tablet is display 2 and my left monitor is display 3. I use it to show toolbars, etc. when I am working zoomed in.  I set the task bar to show on all monitors and it shows perfectly on 1 & 2 (these are mirrored). On the left monitor (display 3) the taskbar is stuck to the left edge with most of the taskbar hidden. I can't move it. I did a remote session with Microsoft and the technician couldn't figure it out either. I'm living with it for now hoping MS will figure it out and fix the issue. Has anybody had this issue?  Any solution?

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Yes, you appear to have a display problem with the taskbar on your left monitor. You can try the following potential solutions:
1. Rearrange the display settings: Navigate to "Settings" > "System" > "Display" and rearrange the displays to see if this fixes the problem.
2. Update display drivers: Ensure you have installed the most recent display drivers for your video card and monitor. This can be accomplished via Windows Update or the manufacturer's website.
3. Third-party software, such as DisplayFusion or Ultramon, can provide more advanced display management options and may help to resolve the issue.

If none of these solutions works, you may need assistance from your display or drawing tablet manufacturer.

@2MuchC0ff33 Finally fixed this. Ended up sending the XP Pen Artist 12  2nd gen tablet back after almost a week of struggling with it related to compatibility with Photoshop. Long story short - Uninstalled everything related tablet and then had Windows update drivers and that fixed the taskbar issue. Ordered a Wacom Pro tablet and it arrives today.

Oh, that is excellent news. Thanks for letting me know!