25201.1000 is failing with error 0xc1900101

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**UPDATE** I orginally reported it as below, but it turns out after setting my clock back and re-trying the installation, that 25201.1000 is failing with error 0xc1900101.

25201.1 Insider Update Immediately Expired: Broken WSL

According to my update history, last night I had the Windows 11 Preview 25201.1 applied to my machine, and this morning WSL was broken and I'm constantly nagged by a message "This build of Windows will expire soon".


However when I look at winver, it shows that I have Version 22H2 25169.1.

I'm unable to fetch any new updates, and Windows Update won't apply the latest antivirus patch because it says there's a problem with my PC system time (there is not).


I use WSL every day and now both WSL and subsequently Docker are broken because of this... it's rather infuriating. Any suggestions on what I can do from here?


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