23H2 OS build 25915.1000 Not showing desktop icons correctly and Google Chrome will not update

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Desktop icons are just blank. The names under them are correct and they seem to work. The only one that has the icon picture in the recycle bin.

Google chrome still works but will not update.

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to get the icons to show up right click on desktop and select refresh. This will reload the icons and bring them back. This happens to me also.

For google chrome go to the settings and about chrome. Should update automatically. If it does not it means it is the latest. If it is not try to manually update by downloading the chrome installer.


Great work Ethan it worked on both problems.

Thank you,


So glad it worked for you. Happy to help out
After upgrading to 23h2, I'm also having the same issue. Most of the Desktop icons (not all) are blank. Sure, if I press F5 to refresh, they all load but it's a temporary fix, next time Windows restarts, the problem will be back. Any definitive fix?