22581.100 Surface Pro 6 "memory integrity is off"

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I just installed the latest insider install and now have an error that says "Memory Integrity is off".  Suggestion is to check updates for drivers but there is a long list of drivers and no indication as to which needs updates.  All drivers and programs are up to date as far as I can see.  Is this a problem with the latest install, I didn't have it before the install?  Or is it a Surface Pro 6 problem?  Suggestions?

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I am having the same issue on my HP Omen 25 desktop... I am also seeing, in the lower right hand corner of my monitor screens, the following: "Windows 11 Home Evaluation copy, Build 22581.ni_release.220318-1623" Is that showing on your screen as well...? I have submitted a 'feedback' report but won't be holding my breath as I rarely, if at all, get any response(s)...


yes, I have that too, it indicates you and I are in the insider program and testing the 2H22 version.

yep, i got the same issue the update before this last one; the latest update gives me an 'incompatible driver' warning but the memory integrity cannot be switched on, just like before... my computer is an HP Omen 25L and with this last update had to shut it down, restart it, then restart it again because programs and internet browsing slowed to a painful crawl... i signed up for the 'beta channel' insider program but i just may be leaving it if these issues are not addressed with a solution or fixed in the next update... best of luck to you...


Hi all, it is normal for the Insider version of the program, in order for the memory integrity to be restored it is necessary to install a stable version of Windows. I have a couple of computers in the RP Channel. and the same thing too.
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Build 22593 - for the Dev channel. and the Beta channel, it is the same version! - Microsoft Tech Co...

"We’ve received a lot of feedback from Windows Insiders in the Beta Channel about the desktop watermark. It is normal to see this watermark on your desktop after updating to the latest pre-release builds. It does not change the licensing of your device. But please note that these are pre-release builds that do expire so it’s important for you to stay up to date with the latest builds we’re releasing.
This build includes only a handful of changes and improvements but includes a good set of fixes that will improve Insider’s overall experience on their device."

@A1 Thanks for the reply... If "...it is normal for the Insider version of the program, in order for the memory integrity to be restored it is necessary to install a stable version of Windows.", then before these last two updates, why would this all of a sudden be 'normal'...?


Prior to the update before last there was NO issues with memory integrity and, there was NO indication from the Microsoft insider program that a 'stable version of Windows' would need to be installed to counteract the memory integrity being switched off and unable to be switched on due to a driver that the program found 'incompatible'; a driver that was working, or at least, not noticed by CCleaner as to it needing to be updated in order to function properly with Windows 11 'memory integrity'...


I am no computer expert by a long shot but for this issue to all of a sudden show up when updating to the latest insider version of Windows 11 I have to question as to why this issue is being 'poo-pooed' as to having no significance... And, the issue of the 'evaluation copy' screen bug showing up in the last two updates...? Really...?  If the 'evaluation copy' is attached to the insider update, then why not label it as such...? In the short time since signing up for the 'insider program' I do not recall any notification or warning as to these items maybe showing up...


The following is what shows up when doing a search for the 'incompatible driver' on my HP Omen 25L desktop computer and is preventing the memory integrity from being switched back on:


It is apparent to me that the file in question--ftdibus.sys--was, at some update in the past, dumped into this path...

Of course, you can try to fix it, but because the Dev version. and Beta - they are temporarily the same, in my private opinion it will not be possible.
Perhaps the next update will fix it.