22000.71: Changing the secondary Virtual Desktop Background fail

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Just updated my system to be 22000.71 and still failed.


When I create a new desktop, then right-click on its thumbnail on the desktop switcher (above the taskbar), it leads me directly to personalization\Background. Then when I change the Background, it only changes the MAIN Desktop Background and not of the current desktop I'm using. I tried to right-click on the desktop as well, of the current desktop I'm using, trying to change its background, but the same issue happens: Desktop Background only affects the MAIN DESKTOP.


Thank you already for fixing this. Your amazing effort made me leave MacOS and come back to Windows. It's almost a month now that I barely came back to MacOS but I'm entirely using the Bootcamp. Thank you, Team!

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Open start and search for feedback and open the Feedback Hub app and report this issue.
Reported it again from there. Thank you @Reza_Ameri
Glad you did and hopefully Windows team will investigate it