2 issues, I can not use the windows update, and I can not use Microsoft Store

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I am using windows 10 and I can not use windows properly, One because I cant use Microsoft store, two because there is an issue with the Windows update, the Screenshot_1772.pngScreenshot_1773.pngScreenshot_1774.png

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Thank you for sharing the issue!

Wondering if you are able to do a in-place upgrade with the Media Tool on aka.ms/winup?

Hope that helps!


Hello Shawn.

I already have done that and the issue still presists

May I ask if your computer is part of a organziation?
No, its only a part of the insider group.
I see, may I ask which version of Windows 10 is this, the build number... Let me guess, you did some registry tricks to get into windows insider?

Wondering if you are planning to upgrade to Windows 11?
Windows 10 pro, 19045. 2965

I have contacted Microsoft support many times, they told me I need to go here and make a post, I have been in the insider program for a long time, I did not even go to registry, I have been having this problem for a long time which it didnt have any solutions, My device is not supported to upgrade to windows 11 because of the drives.
Thanks for sharing Maxgamer223!

It seems that your computer is still stuck on the May Cumulative Update, may thou execute the KB that matches your system via this link:



Will any data be lost if I use that way?

Cheers, Max.


Have you tried signing in to the Microsoft Store.

May 9, 2023—KB5026361 (OS Builds 19042.2965, 19044.2965, and 19045.2965) - Microsoft Support

System activation - has it been assigned to your Microsoft account? 

Some Settings Are Managed By Your Organization in Windows 10 - Microsoft Community



Morning Max!

Nope, no removing data: all it does is force update the Windows to the latest culumative Update :)
Oh and I almost forgot to ask if thou hast tried "Windows + R" --> wsreset.exe?

Though for the Windows Update issue, it would be best to do the KB update as well to hopefully fix update issue!

Hope that helps :)

Yes, I have had a long relationship with the Microsoft support team, because I had this issue for a while and they couldn't fix it, I have done all of the necessary troubleshooting and commands.


an error popped up when I tried to run the application, the number is 0x8024001e


Check out this article.

Error 0x8024001e in Windows Update [Solved] (windowsreport.com) 

whether you have ever downloaded the Windows installation assistant - it is worth doing it first.

I have done literally everything in this article, still have the same issue.
I see, according to Bing Ai that is a error when there is corrupted files on the computer that is preventing updates.

Kindly run the Media Tool, press keep files!