1803 Activation failed + notifications

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I just updated from 1709 to 1803. My activation suddenly failed. It's a valid key, having been upgraded from my Windows 8.1 Pro license forever ago, and updating Windows 10 to each build since then. The troubleshooter says it's invalid and MS support says I have to post here, because they don't support Insider builds.


Separately, since 1803, Notifications seem to all come at once, every few hours. It's really distracting.

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i just updated mine to spring update and it says it won't activate.  Mine had  digital license when I updated.  It has carried over as activated during all the other upgrades.

Maybe It will work its self out in a day or so when the update activator gets a chance to get it straight.


Had say issue had to roll my system back to version 16299.371 as build 16299.402 for some reason gets it activation removed Version 8003 build 17134.1 is buggy as hell and cant even get it installed on my laptop just keeps going around in loops on second scene Working on updates after restart then fails saying you have a floppy drive error but never had a floppy drive on my laptop and no floppy drive exist under hardware section so Microsoft you need to fix this fast
Version 8003 Build 17134.1 should never have been release in this form until it was able to install with out issue if this was a worker in a factory and he stuff up he be sacked so Microsoft lift your game and stop releasing RTM version that are buggy to the hilt.
Another think Microsoft stop telling people they have illegal copy of Windows 10 when it was updated via your forces upgrade policy 2 years ago as I always had legal copies of windows 10 on my main machine