17730 preview build

Brian Cedars
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Auto download/install update to 17730. My text started washing out, I started getting black/white lines and distortions. I looked for a virus first, no virus, I deleted my display drivers and reinstalled them, no luck, I went into my computers settings from a reboot, and did a diagnostic, all good. Went back to 17728, perfect. What's up with 17730?

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Well, you are lucky 17730 even installed for you. Or maybe i'm lucky it doesn't install for me. Something went wrong with the latest builds. Lots of threads there with problems updating to the latest or after the update.


I changed my insider settings. I went back to 17728, and then changed my insider settings to only update apps and not to update the OS. I'll hang out till the dust settles a little on 17730. Thanks for your reply.

17730.rs5_release.180731-1427 installed fine for me but... no start menu unable to reach settings from any solutions (windows key + l, contextual menu,...) lost prefs in chrome

This is exactly what happened to me. If you create a new local admin user from command prompt (instructions: https://www.isumsoft.com/windows-10/how-to-add-delete-modify-user-accounts-on-windows-10.html#way3), you can use it to get to that stuff... it's far from ideal but it's better than being trapped w/ no start menu or settings. 


Really hoping they push a quick fix for this. btw, you don't happen to be using Avira antivirus instead of Windows Defender, are you?


Thx for the reply. I do use avira. What's the matter?


Well, since we both have the same problem with the latest build, and we both use the non-default Avira Antivirus, it seems likely that the two things are connected and Avira messed it up.


I do not understand why but maybe.

Anyways i created another local account on my PC and it works just fine.

Removing avira did not improve anything but once bad it's done, it's done.

Maybe i will try to remove my ms account and adding it later. Mb another update comes in between.