WinPE 19041 HTA problems

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Hi :)

I'm banging my head against the wall here, hope someone can help.

I'm not sure where else to ask.


ADK 2004 installed with PE add-on. A simple iso with a VERY basic HTA in IE9 mode (IE10 and 11 is the same). The HTA displays, but the text input field is not editable. Going back to IE8 mode (or below) works, but is very limited in other aspects.

Here are the steps used to re-create the problem, I boot a VM with the iso to test  

copype amd64 C:\WinPE_x64
dism.exe /mount-wim /wimfile:"c:\winpe_x64\media\sources\boot.wim" /index:1 /mountdir:"c:\winpe_x64\mount"
dism.exe /image:"C:\WinPE_x64\mount" /add-package /packagepath:"C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\10\Assessment and Deployment Kit\Windows Preinstallation Environment\amd64\WinPE_OCs\"
dism.exe /image:"C:\WinPE_x64\mount" /add-package /packagepath:"C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\10\Assessment and Deployment Kit\Windows Preinstallation Environment\amd64\WinPE_OCs\"
(echo ^<head^>
echo ^<meta http-equiv=^"x-ua-compatible^" content=^"ie=9^" ^/^>
echo ^</head^>
echo ^<body^>
echo ^<input type=^"text^"^>
echo ^</body^>
echo ^</html^>) > "C:\WinPE_x64\mount\SampleHTA.hta"
echo X:\SampleHTA.hta >> "C:\WinPE_x64\mount\Windows\System32\Startnet.cmd"
dism.exe /unmount-wim /mountdir:"C:\WinPE_x64\mount" /commit
MakeWinPEMedia /ISO C:\WinPE_x64 C:\Temp\WinPE.iso


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ADK 19624 does the same thing (Insider Preview version).

ADK 18362 works fine (ADK 1903).

We experience the same issue after updating our boot images with the latest WinPE.

All input fields in our HTA for prestaging computers are no longer editable.

Thanks! At least I'm not alone :)
I did a lot of different tests, adding more packages, adding 2004 updates (only three available), adding language packs, different order of the cab files but the result is always the same.

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Hi Dennis!


We are experiencing the same problem regarding text input field in our HTA.

Have you found any solution?


Best Regards!


I'm afraid it is a bug that needs to be fixed in the next ADK release. 20H2 does not bring new one to the table, so next year seems to be the only possibility for a fix. (21H1 ADK perhaps?)
But please post here if you do find a solution :)


Thanx for quick reply!

Yes, this post will be updated if I find an acceptable solution...



@DennisThelinHi Dennis. Yes, I have the same issue after upgrade ADK 1803 to 2004 - the input field does not work I cannot even click or write something there. I do not have a solution. I do not have any idea how to solve the problem the only thing I could come is replace HTA packet from 1803 to 2004 in WIM File (using DISM) but I do not think it is a good idea ;/

Your right. That's not a good idea. Specifically because it wouldn't work. I think our only hope is a new ADK that might come with Windows 10 21H1 perhaps. Or, maybe the latest insider ADK. I haven't looked into a newer build since my original post.
Let me know if you do find a fix :)
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Just tested the latest insider ADK 20241 -

It works! :)

Yes, it was a bad idea:). In my HTA checkbox also does not works if I add to checkbox my CSS style - If I have clear checkbox it works but when I add CSS it crashes and I cannot checked it. Super to hear that you have tested the insider version of ADK and it works! I am going to do that same today 8)

@DennisThelin Hi Dennis. Do you recommend to use Insider version in the main environment? Can you check problem with checkboxes in your environment?

It really depends on a lot of things :)
I've used a preview before without issues (and without telling anyone :))
If there are issues you can always go back and rebuild your bootimages (but the server needs a reboot after uninstalling the adk)
I only did the test in my original post as I currently can't test in production.