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Is it possible to disable the store on enterprise edition? We have generic logins on computers that are shared with multiple employees and wish to prevent staff from signing into the store and downloading app. 

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Have you tried Computer Configuration>Administrative Templates>Windows Components>Store>Turn off the Store application in group policy?
You can block access using either GPO or AppLocker. Docs on how to can be found here:
we have a similar setting in the user area, however, since you've mentioned generic logins, you'd probably want to do that on the computer level.

Does this only work in Enterprise edition or will it work across all versions? Also does this work on administrator account or only user level account?

I believe it only works in Enterprise.
if I "turn off store", will build in apps receive updates?
Disabling the Windows Store using the user setting still allows app updates; the computer setting typically disables app updates altogether.

@Michael Niehaus Is Windows Update the only option to keep these built in apps updated?

Can these updates be downloaded separately, packaged, then deployed via SCCM?