Windows 10 Wireless Network Not Automatically Connecting After Upgrade to Windows 10 1809

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I'm working on my organization's in-place upgrade to Windows 10 1809 via task sequence.  I've recently noticed that my machine, and others that I am testing on, seem to have problems automatically connecting to Wi-Fi networks when Ethernet is disconnected after the upgrade process is complete.  For instance, I have a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 that was running 1709.  After the in-place upgrade has finished successfully, if I unplug the Ethernet adapter, the machine will not connect to our WPA2 Enterprise Wi-Fi netowrk automatically, even though it is set to do so.  We deploy wireless profiles during OSD, so we are not continuing to push them via GPO or InTune.  I found the below article in my Google searches for this issue and while I was skeptical, I gave it a try to see what happened.  I ran 'chkdsk /r /x' from an admin command line, then rebooted.  Once the scan was finished, I logged back in as my non-admin user account and tested the networking.  Amazingly, it worked just as I'd expect it to, Wi-Fi instantly connected upon disconnecting the Ethernet adapter.  Can someone explain how this fix would repair this issue, and if there are more direct ways to achieve the same result?  Has anyone else seen similar issues?



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@Micah Hibdon 


As soon as i update windows 10 to 1809 updates, WiFi stops working to connect Enterprise WiFi as you mentioned in your post.


So the only solution that worked for me is to Roll back it to 1803.


I believe its kind of bug with windows 10 1809 update.



Please try below change :


1) Set the following key in the registry (as the OP did):

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Servic es\NlaSvc\Parameters\Internet > EnableActiveProbing

set to: 0