Windows 10 Deployment AMA Build Lifetimes and Support Cycles

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Some general questions:


What is the timeframe for providing w10 enterprise iso's in the donload area of microsoft select portal in comparison to public availabilty of a build (e.g. cbb)?


what is the (if possible to tell) the exact date such an iso or build gets out of support (end of lifecycle)?


your article in unfortunately is not comprehensive enough :(

so either windows 10 ha a lifecycle of 10 years or - a I understand your WaaS "tactic": a build nnn (e.g. 1703) has a lifecycle of exact 18 month ..


please clarify :)


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Hi @Rainer Pollmann, as for the last question - Support for each version released is for 18 months. Support for LTSB versions specifically is in a 10 year cycle.

Are there dependencies between release date in volume license portal and eol of n-2 Version?

The support policy is we support every release for at least 18 months. 

With that said, we might support it for longer than 18 months.