What is the most advisable path to upgrade Windows 10 Pro to Enterprise for a company of around 100

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Hi everyone, 


we are looking for the most efficient way to upgrade from Windows 10 Pro to Windows 10 enterprise across our user base.



We want to make use of more advanced intune configuration profiles, which seem to depend on the windows edition. I.e. a lockscreen can only remotely set via Windows 10 enterprise, not Windows 10 Pro


How do we license so far?

We typically buy company laptops that come with a Windows 10 Pro license pre-installed, so we do not have a separate volume licensing agreement or something like that in place


What do we want to do? 

I am basically looking for experiences / best practices on how to both buy the upgrade licenses and deploy them easily without having to build up a lot of infrastructure. We have intune in place and all devices are managed through that, if it makes a difference, but I am a bit lost in all of the licensing options and what would be advisable here. 


Thank you very much for your perspective!

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You have number of upgrade option, and it depends on your scenario. You may have a look at:
As for the licensing option, it is better to check with the Microsoft representative in your country.