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I recently upgraded a Dell machine from Windows 7 to Windows 10.  I used the Windows Backup while in Windows 7, then restored from that backup after installing Windows 10 as a 'fresh' installation.  I did not wipe the drive before installing Windows 10 (Home).  After the restore it looks like all the user profiles are there, but I cannot get Windows 10 to recognize them or use their profiles.  How can I link the restored profiles so Windows 10 will use them, show their desktop shortcuts, etc.?  Thank you all!

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you mentioned you fresh installed Windows 10 home but also mentioned you didn't wipe the drive, which I think you mean formatting?

also as far as I know, Windows 7 backups do not work on Windows 10.
your best option would have been to do an in-place upgrade from 7 to 10.

I assume you are using the latest version of Windows 10 1909?

Btw Windows backups are being depreciated by Microsoft.