Sysprep generalize in 20H2 doesn't remove network adapter

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When doing sysprep generalize with Windows 10 20H2 Build 10.0.19042.572 the network adapter will not be removed from the device manager (as it is done in previous versions). So if this image is deployed to a new pc, the "Ethernet" name will be assigned to that old (not visible) network adapter. All scripts according to that name will fail. You can show the adapter in device manager by enabling "showing hidden devices". I think this is a bug in this sysprep version.

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Have you checked PersistAllDeviceInstalls flag to make sure it is False .

Try recheck your XML file and see if you could find anything.

If you believe this is bug, open start and search for Feedback Hub and report this issue.

@Reza_Ameri-Archived There ist no PersistAllDeviceInstalls entry in unattend.xml and False is the default value for it. Version 2004 works fine with the same unattend.xml. I have reported it at Feedback Hub now.


In this case by submitting the issue through Feedback Hub app, Windows team will investigate it. 

In case it is urgent, you may contact Microsoft Support.


When image is based on 20H2 sysprep /generalize does not remove any hardware. The network adapter is only one of many. I tried with image created with MediaCreationTool and with Image from developer network. Same problem. 

Now I have updated a 2004 image to 20h2 and syspred that. Here is no problem, the devices are removed as expected.